☺︎ Ben Nyberg ☯︎

Web / JavaScript / UX Engineer


A Sci-Fi Dating App

Based on a fan-favorite episode of Black Mirror called Hang the DJ, we built a web-app mimicking the episode's futuristic dating app that sends users on “dates” for varying time periods to learn more about their perfect match. On their own device, a user could see the expiration date of their relationship.

COACH Screenshothttps://coach.dating
COACH Screenshot
COACH Screenshot

How Did It Work?

After connecting to the site, a user would invite their friend to join them at a unique URL. When both were connected, they were given 5 seconds to decide if they wanted to view their relationship expiration date. Depending on each of their choices, an image was generated with their result.

COACH Screenshot
COACH Screenshot
COACH Screenshot

Technologies Used

  • Node.js
  • React
  • Web Sockets (socket.io)